Panmi Debuts the Unagi E500 Dual Motor In Australia



    Panmi Debuts the Unagi E500 Dual Motor

    In Australia

    The Unagi E500 Dual Motor electric scooter revs up the market with a premium luxury electric scooter.


    SYDNEY, Australia, 15 June 2021 – Panmi has officially introduced the Unagi E500 Dual Motor electric scooter into the Australian market. The arrival of this new electric scooter conveys Unagi’s mission to introduce luxury electric scooters into the market. The Unagi E500 Dual Motor is priced at $1699.00 and is available now.


    “The Unagi E500 Dual Motor electric scooter enables people to get out and about in their city whilst being more environmentally friendly. This scooter is an easier and more efficient way to travel whilst boasting a minimalistic chic design” said George Saad, Chief Operating Officer of Panmi.


    The Model One E500 is designed for people who want to keep it light and easy. This scooter is sleek and lightweight whilst also being elegant and made from premium materials. The Model One E500 showcases an innovative design with advanced engineering techniques and only weighs 12kg, making it easy to carry and extremely portable. The zero-emission scooter can ride up to 25km and has three different riding modes. This scooter can ride up hills with an incline of 15 degrees. It also features LED headlights for ultimate safety. This scooter offers one click folding and is a high-performance scooter.

    The stylish electric scooter is extremely lightweight despite being super powerful with dual motors, weighing in at only 12kg. The scooter has three driving modes: Eco (14-18 km/h), Standard (18-21km/h), and Professional (24-25 km/h). The lithium-ion battery allows for a range of up to 25 kilometres making it a perfect mode of transport for going to the shops, university, work and school.

    Limited interviews are available to David Hyman the CEO and founder of Unagi. David has pioneered revolutionary start-ups over a 20-year span that have changed the landscapes of technology and media. He was the CEO of Beats Music, founder, and CEO of MOG, co-founder CEO of the MOG Music Network, Co-founder CEO of Gracenote and co-founder of Addicted to Noise.

     Pricing and Availability

    The Unagi E500 Dual Motor is priced at $1,699.00 available now at JB Hi-Fi.


    Review Units

    Note: Review units of the Unagi E500 Dual Motor are available. Kindly contact us to set up an arrangement.

    Unagi E500 Dual Motor Specs:


    Aluminium + Carbon Fibre



    Top Speed



    Front 250W + Rear 250W

    Maximum Power


    Motor Size

    5.0 in


    9000mah lithium ion



    Charging Time

    4-5 hours

    Tire Material

    Maintenance-free rubber


    1.8W high brightness LED




    About Unagi

    Unagi deepens connections between people and their communities by elevating the standard for portable urban mobility. Unagi has already captured the minds and hearts of countless reviewers and customers for redefining the “owned” portable electric scooter category and creating the first electric scooters deemed “too nice for sharing.” We take great pride in putting state-of-the-art products into the hands of customers. And we’re just getting started.

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    About Panmi PTY LTD 

    Panmi is an Australian founded company, established in 2018.  We are the sole brand agent and business development partner of Xiaomi in Australia as well as other innovative tech brands from around the globe.  Panmi’s vision is to bring new and exciting technology with uncompromising quality and performance to Australian consumers, helping Australians to enjoy advanced technology in their daily lives.

    Panmi is the exclusive distributor of major tech brands in Australia including Xiaomi, Segway-Ninebot, Viomi, Unagi, Surron and many more. Panmi’s expertise is in micro-mobility and personal transport, Smart Home, Smartphone and various other categories.

    Panmi will revolutionise consumers’ expectations – in addition, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards for all products introduced to the Australian market.

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