Unable pair Xiaomi Lite Watch with iPhone 11

  • Hi. I am in Australia and my iPhone 11 bluetooth will not pair with the xiaomi watch lite. Have turned on and off both iPhone and watch, rebooted watch, reset network settings on iPhone etc. Nothing works. Now watch is useless and can't even tell the time. The region of the watch is set to Australia. No luck with iPad either. What else can I do?

  • Maybe you should change your geolocation in these devices?

  • Hello. try the following steps. Open Settings > General > Date and Time.Enable any of the following options. Automatically the iPhone will receive the exact time over the cellular connection and update the time for the current time zone. When my wife and I traveled to Australia and New Zealand, we also had some problems with the date and time settings in the refurbished phones, but we just fixed it in the settings. I think it should work for you too.

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