Calling all Panmi Fans ~ We want your feedback!

  • Welcome! 

    We're looking for a special group of innovators, testers and reviewers of all technology and products associated with PANMI!  

    Go you! 

    So what does this entail... 

    PANMI will send a select group of you various products from a range of e-scooters to cat travel backpacks and SO SO MANY MORE GOODIES! 

    We value our community and want to foster communication in order to make our products the best they can be. In return, we only ask that you leave a review on our PANMI forum!.

    If you're liking the sound of this, then all you have to do is reply to this post with a 150ish word post explaining what products you would like to test, or see be sold in Australia!

    Remember, your opinions, your creativity and your innovation will shape our products and community! 

    Think of it like an influencer doing an unboxing!! Except that influencer is you! 

    We hope this can be the start of a fun and exciting opportunity for you... 

    Until we meet again 

    ~ PANMI

  • @Max Panmi I'd love to try out any of the electric scooters, robot vaccums, cat stuff! Huge fan ❤️ would be greatful to test anything. I'm always recommending panmi  products to my friends and family. Instagram: mr.cwt 

  • If this promotion is still active, I'd love to apply to become a reviewer.

    As a tech reviewer for PANMI, I will spend time with each product and write up a 7 part review for each product. The Intro, How does it work, Features, FAQs, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, Conclusion.  My reviews will include a detailed forum post as well as a YouTube video of unboxing/hands on with the product.

    My experties lie within the TECH sector, unfortunatley I don't have any pets so I won't be able to provide reviews for such products.

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