Triple Eight warrants to the original purchaser of every RV of the faults appointed in material and workmanship from the date of purchase.

3-year structural warranty:

  • Triple Eight manufactured galvanized, painted, raptor coat chassis (excluding adjustments and rubber).
  • Triple Eight manufactured walls and roofs. Triple Eight will cover decontamination and cracking. 
  • Triple Eight manufactured components.

The foundation of this Triple Eight Structural Warranty is to cover under the expected use and specified servicing.

2-year Material and Part Warranty:

The following items are not covered under Triple Eight warranty:

  • Water damage or ingress from floods or river crossings.
  • Impact or stone damage to the body.
  • Wheel alignment if affected by large impacts. 
  • Off-road use, roads or tracks as described as not being suitable.
  • Failures, defects and/or damage resulting from unauthorised modifications.

The following components are provided to Triple Eight:

  • Cooking Appliances (Brand: THETFORD)
  • Air-Conditioners (Brand: HOUTONG)
  • Tyres (Brand: GOODRIDE)
  • Refrigerators (Brand: THETFORD)
  • Rangehoods (Brand: RANGER) 
  • Toilets (Brand: THETFORD)
  • Hot Water Service & Heaters (Brand: ARANA)
  • Stereo Systems(Brand: FUSION)
  • Microwaves (Brand: NCE)
  • Battery Management Systems (Brand: PROJECTA)

These components are not covered by Triple Eight Warranty, please note that.

The below information is to assist with the provided components.



Coast to Coast 1300 COAST RV 


Warranty is not covered for the following:

  •  Recreational use only. Using the RV for the permanent residential purpose may cause premature wear and tear, this is not warranted under Triple Eight or authorized repairers.
  • Using the jockey-wheel for anything more than adjusting the height of the caravan, will not be warranted if the owner/s uses the jockey wheel as a handle or hitch to drag the caravan to a suitable arrangement.
  • Triple Eight will only warrant fabric items being canvas, windows screenings, vinyl windows, cushions, and mattress covers if the material and workmanship are declared defective. Triple Eight will not warrant any tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening, fading, or soiling.
  • This warranty will not warrant if condensation damage occurs to curtains, plywood finish, or tent sections are not treated immediately.
  • Sealants will not be covered under this warranty after 12 months.
  • This warranty will not warrant any physical appearance that occurs by UV exposure, Wear and Tear.
  • Triple Eight will not cover any accommodation arrangement costs while repairs are in progress.
  • Triple Eight will not cover the costs of the transportation for any repairs.
  • This warranty will not cover any damage resulting from the installation or fitting of options or accessories after the RV has left the manufacturing premises.
  • This warranty will not warrant the following damages or failures resulting from:
  • Accident, Theft, or Fire.
  • Uncommon environmental damage – stone strike, hail, windstorm (tornado, cyclone, etc.), lightening, external fire, flooding, acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, tree sap), stones, salt, rust, sand, road hazards explosions, tsunami or similar, cannot be claimed.
  • Uncommon animal damage – pets, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, pests and insects.
  • Axle and toe in alignments will not be warranted within the 3 months/1000km from the purchase date service period.
  • Any unauthorised repairs and additions after the manufacture alterations.

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