WhAT Is Panmi Shop?

Panmi is an Australian owned and operated company at the forefront of innovation and technology. We find amazing products from around the world and make them available for Australians by partnering with select retailers. 

Panmi Shop is our way of offering a selection of products directly to our consumers. Due to our direct connection with the brands and manufacturers we are often able to offer these products to you at market beating prices!

You can rest assured knowing that you are trading with an Australian company, providing Australian consumer guarantee's, while our in-house customer care team supports you when need it.

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We Source New Products

Our team works hard to find new and innovative products. We test every new product and ensure they are fit for the Australian market.

We Make Available for Pre-Order

After we have secured a new product and stock is on the way to Australia, you may be able to pre-order it on our website before it arrives in country.

We deliver, you enjoy!

Once stock lands in Australia we fulfil any preorders. We make it available for regular orders to be placed and ship directly from our Australian warehouse network.


Aussie Owned + Operated

Panmi was started by Australians, in Australia, for Australia!

Australian Certified Stock

We are official partners and have a direct connection to all of the brands that we range.

Customer Support

Our amazing customer support humans work around the clock to solve any issues and keep things running smoothly

Warranty & Parts

Our products are covered by. all required warranties and guarantees. We also stock replacement parts and provide servicing to certain products