Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

1. Free shipping above $30 otherwise local freight costs apply.

2. You acknowledge that Panmi may not hold stock of the Product and that delivery of the Product is subject to varying shipping timeframes, due to the nature of this transaction and shall not dispute or make claim for compensation on the grounds of reasonable delay in shipment and fulfilment of your order based on the circumstances.

3. Panmi does not warrant or guarantee that the Product will be delivered to you by the Anticipated Delivery Date, despite Panmi’s best endeavours, due to the various factors during the delivery process beyond Panmi’s control.

4. If delivery of the Product cannot be effected by any reason where fault is not attributable to Panmi including instances of force majeure, such as:

(a) acts of God;

(b) natural disasters;

(c) government action or interference;

(d) labour shortages;

(e) national emergencies; acts of war;

(f) and pandemic or epidemics.

Panmi may at its sole discretion notify you of the situation and elect to provide either a refund or store credit to you.