Daxys Ox E-Mountain Bike 26''

$2,199.00 $3,499.00
  • Sub High-End Fat Tyre Bike
  • 7 Speed Gears
  • 4 Inch Colour LED Display
  • Has a Motor Power of 750W
  • Comes with Mudguards and Integrated Rack

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Ox Electric Mountain Bike 26'' 

About The Brand:

Daxys was established in 2022 during an exciting phase in the growth and development of electric mobility in Australia and New Zealand. Daxys has a mantra of making electric mobility achievable, accessible and a􀉩ordable for everybody – whether you have no experience or you’re a seasoned EV enthusiast. Daxys is here to help you every step of the way, from sourcing and developing modern products, through to providing easy to follow set-up and guidance material, all while backing everything up with a solid warranty and support system to honour our customers and supporters.

The Daxys Ox Electric Mountain Bike 26'' 
is a sub High-End Fat Tyre Bike

it comes with mudguards and integrated rack. 

It has a motor power of 750W

7 Speed  Shimano Gears

The 7-speed Shimano  gears will keep you  moving through  challenging terrairn.

4 Inch Colour LED Display

The beautiful and crystal clear color LED display remains clear and visible under daylight.

Next-Level Fat Tyre e-Bike

With a more natural riding feel, this durable, next-level fat tyre will move you effortlessly up hills.