Livall C21 Scooter Smart Helmet Large 57-61cm - Midnight Black

  • Ideal Riding Partner for Urban Commuters
  • Smart Helmet for the City Commuter
  • Brake Warning Lights
  • Bright LED Lighting
  • Detachable Visor
  • Helmet size: 57-61cm
  • Fall Detection Alert+ SOS Alarm

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LivallC21 ScooterSmartHelmet

Livall C21 Smart Scooter Helmet

About The Brand:

LIVALL is committed to creating the world's first safe
cycling ecosystem which will help assist in protecting
cyclists and riders before, during and after impact,
giving you peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying
the ride.
Livall is 100% focused on rider's safety. They are the
world's first smart and safe cycling helmet. The first
smart helmet brand to provide initiative protection
(smart lighting & SOS alert). The first smart helmet
brand to actualize an SOS alert and handlebar remote
control for cyclists.

Ideal Riding Partner for Urban Commuters

A quantum leap forward in safety and protection for commuters
whose focus is getting from A-to-B safely.

Smart Helmet
for the City Commuter

Fall Detection Alert +
SOS Alarm

The patented fall detection and
SOS system can detect when you
fall and send your location to your 
emergency contacts.