Xiaomi Mi High-capacity Gel Pen (10-Pack)

  • Fast drying, high gloss Japanese MIKUNI ink pen
  • It has Swiss 0.5 Millimeter tip and high precision
  • Ink capacity 4 times that of an ordinary ballpoint pen
  • Special surface texture prevent slipping in your hand

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Mi High-capacity Gel Pen (10-Pack)

Mi High-capacity Gel Pen (10-Pack)

x4 capacity, write smoother and longer

Pack of 10(black)

Write 4 times more

Lasts longer than a regular gel pen

Japanese MiKuni ink

Dries quickly without staining

0.5 mm bullet nib

Swipes across the page

Less pen

Buy it once and use it up to fpur times

Can write with four times the durability of a conventional gel pen

Direct inkjet storage with improved capacity

MiKuni ink imported from Japan
Vibrant, silid colors, and seamless 
ink flow and seamless

The design ensure a high ink flow for more consistent writing. The pen
glides smoothly across the page. The ink does not pass through the
paper. Use the Mi High-capacity Ink Pen in your day to day to write,
doodle or create a bullet journal.

Fast-drying, stain-resistant

The care fully formulated pigment ink ensures cleaner paper while writing, preventing stains. It is long-lasting,
resists discoloration and stains on contact with water. Suitable for important occasions such as signing
documents and exams.

High quality, spring-loaded bullet
Smooth writing without leakage 

The 0.5 mm bullet tip, manufactured by Swiss Mikron machones,are
reliable, durable and accurate. A spring built into the tip of the pen
presses the ball against the opening when placed in a horizontal position,
to ensure proper sealing, effectively preventing ink leakage. The pen will
not dry easily even if the cap is lost.

Textured tube design for more
comfortable grip
Write for long periods of time
without getting tired

The partially transparent tube design indicates at a glance the remaining ink
level and has a non-slip grip. Each pen weighs 8.5 g(3), for a feeling of 
lightness without putting pressure on the hand.

Less than per pen
Pack of 10 High quality sharing

A one-time purchase will cover your daily study and work needs in the long term, you can share them with your

(1) The body of the direct injection pen comes with an irreplaceable built-in ink storage.
(2) The writing duration data of the Mi High-capacity Ink Pen is based on line drawing tests conducted by the China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fountain Pens and Ballpoint Pens in Light Industry, test report number: WY-2019-049. Actual writing length may vary depending on writing habits.
(3) This weight is only a reference value, the actual weight of each product may vary (±5%).