Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 (International Version)

  • 9.5 cm ultra-short casing
  • 20 m/s super large air flow
  • 50 million negative ions
  • 57°C smart temperature control
  • Comfortable to hold, light and handy for travel

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Mi lonic Hair Dryer H300

A compact and lightweight fast dryer

9.5 cm ultra-short casing

20 m/s super large air flow

50 million negative ions

57°C smart temperature control

Comfortable to hold, light and handy for travel

The innovative structure comes with an ultra-short asing, no longer than a stick of lipstick, which alows for a comfortable grip. Easly bring it with you whiletravelling for added assurance.

Turbofan blades to produce strong and stable air flow

Drawing from the working principle of aircraft turbine engines, a unique design featuring curved blades and anair outlet reduces losses of wind power and effectively improves air speed. The high-performance motorproduces a strong air flow that quickly evaporates moisture without requiring high temperatures.

Comfortable temperature to 
protect your hair

The temperature is detected 60 times per second and the result isdirectly sent to the microprocessor to adjust the air temperature in realtime and make sure that the temperature remains stable at 57C.Scientific temperature control prevents hair damage and helps yourhair maintain its healthy sheen.

Learn from the L'Oral Arts Ambassador 
about the correct way to dry your hair

Jason said, "Moving the hair dryer downwards while drying makes for smoother hairand causes less hair damage. You should keep a distance of at least 10 cm betweenthe air outlet and your hair. In summer, the recommendedtemperature is 57°Cwhich better protects the hair."

JASON CUl, LOreal Arts Ambassador, former Chief Stylist ofHermes, LV and Dior Fashion Shows in China and officialstylist of Harper's Bazaar.

Dry quickly without damaging your hair and
leave for work feeling refreshed

Not all hair dryers can reach a drying rate of 6.1 g/min*. The strong air flow allows the moisture to evaporatequickly, reducing the time spent drying your hair, whether early in the morning or before going to bed.

Smoother and shinier hair

The built-in ion generator can release as many as 50 million negative ions in itsstrong air flow, which reduces static electricity, prevents frizz, flattens haircuticles and gives your hair a lustrous shine. lt also affords a quick and gentledry to improve the health of your hair.

Take more control of how you
dry your hair
Save temperature settings for
more convenience

Allows you to switch freely between hot and cold air and bettercontrol the air speed. Simply push and press to get started, andchoose from three temperature settings for smooth andcomfortable air flow. The temperature used will be automaticallysaved and enabled the next time you use it.

The grip gives you a comfortable
sense of touch

The UV coating is resistant to dirt and has a soft touch, giving you acomfortable grip.

Reduced noise while drying the hair

Air flow resistance is reduced during transmission to efectively control the nolse. Wth a soter sound and stronger alr fow,you and your famly can have a morepleasant hair drying experience.

Multiple overheat protections
for enhanced safety

The NTC detects the temperature of the outgoing air in real time.The selected high-precision elements can automatically triggeroverheat protection and shut off power in the event of excessivetemperatures. in extreme cases, fuse protection will be triggered toensure safety.

Refned details ingenious design

360°double-layer anti-
burn nozzle

Safe and fast styling

Hanging hook

Easily storable

Ergonomic handle

Comfortable grip

Strengthened power cord

Insulates heat and withstands high temperatures