Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter G30L

$729.00 $999.00
  • Classic Quick Folding System
  • 2.5W Built-In Front Led Light
  • Dual Braking System
  • 7-inch Spacious Platform

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Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter G30L

Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter G30L

Maximum Power, Maximim Joy

Apart From the outstanding design, the new Ninebot Max G30Lp is designed to be sturdier, and even more powerful.

Maximize appearance and function

Following the outstanding design, stronger power performance is also available. The Ninebot KickScooter, with good looksBoth internal
and external training with strength, achieve the name of Max.

Extraordinary Functionality to
upgrade your riding experience

Ninebot KickScooter Max G30Lp strives to reach new heights of performance. When you ride on the road, the stronger brushless
direct current motor delivers a fast and sturdy riding experience.

Highly Elevated Riding Experience

10-inch pneumatic tires, a combination of comfort and shock absorption

The Ninebot Max G30LP is equipped with the newly upgtaded penmatic tires,
which provides and elevated driving experience with the combination of comfort and shock
absorption features, designed to increase riding safety.

Regenerative Braking System

Recycles Energy from Riding & Provides a Longer Range

The Ninebot KickScooter Max G30Lp features a regenerative braking system that turns the scooter into an electric vehicle powered by electricity
and recycled energy from riding. Energy will be collected from regenerative braking and distributed when you need a boost, which enhances the
user experience when braking and prolongs the range.




Length x Width x Height

Folded: Length x Width xHeight

Net Weight


Recommended Age

Required Height


o-25 km/h Acceleration Time

Typical Range


Traversable Terrain

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

IP Rating

Duration of charging

Nominal Voltage

Max. Charging Voltage

Charging Temperature

Nominal Energy

Nominal Capacity

Battery Management System

Nominal Power

Output Power

lnput Voltage

Output Voltage

Output Current

Brake Light

Riding Modes


Tyre Pressure

Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30M Maserati Edition


 Approx.1167×472×1203 mm

Approx. 1167×472 ×534 mm

Approx.19.8 kg

30-120 kg

14-60 years

120-200 cm

Approx. 25 km/h

10 sec

Approx.65 km


asphalt/flat pavement;obstacles <1 cm; gaps< 3 cm




Approx. 6h

36 VDC

42 VDC


551 Wh

15.3 Ah

Over-heating, short circuit, over-current and over-charge protection

400 W

121 W

100-240 V ~

42 VDC

2.9 A

LED rear light
Energy Saving mode, Standard mode and Sport mode

10-inch tubeless tyre

32-37 psi