Segway Ninebot KickScooter G65

$949.00 $1,699.00
  • Powerful motor and long-range battery
  • Premium riding experience
  • Double suspension system & 10 inch tyres
  • Powerful motor of 450w
  • This model does not have indicators

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Max 2 (G65)

Max Your Way
Discover the fantastic world with the
upgraded Max by Segwat.


Super long range


Max. speed


Max. power


Incline climb


Water resistance

Upgraded size


Triple suspensions

Front & Rear Spring suspension

Performance MAX+

√ Triple suspension system
√ Strong power outpout
√ Incredibly long range with BMS system
√ Outstanding road adaptability
√ Upgraded ergonomic design

One comfortable ride with
triple suspension system

The design of front and rear suspension system effectively
alleviates the impact of obstacles such as steps, gravel roads, and
speed bumps, improving riding comfortability. Rear suspensions
are adjustable.

Power and excitement
are at your fingertips

Max power 700W brushless motor. 25km/h
speed. bring you an exciting but maneuverable
riding experience.

Maximum output

Maximum speed

Reach the peak with
peak performance

Max 20% gradeability, ensures riding safety
and helps you conquer all types of terrain.

Explore further with
longer range

Ride up to 65km on a single charge, thanks to the
551Wh/ 15300 mAh large battery with a dynamic power
supply. The long range easily covers your 15km life circle.

Worry no more about
the flat tires

10-inch self-sealing tubeless tires,provide batter durability
and adaptability for complex road conditions. will enjoy a
safe journey without worrying about tire punctures.

All-around upgraded
ergonomic design

Upgraded1270mm stem size, 520mm wider
handlebar, upgraded comfortability.

All-around upgraded
ergonomic design

Wider deck with assitant footboard.
more room for your feet

All-around upgraded
ergonomic design

Thicker non-slip foot pad made of elastic silicone.

Design MAX+

√ Fashion appearance
√ Easy folding
√ Simplest charger

Farewell to boredom,
enjoy the stylish ride

Black and yellow coloring. a giorious combination of
classic and dynamic characteristics.

Easy folding design

Easily folded in 3 steps, a perfect solution for
carrying and storage.

The simplest charger
you may ever see for a scooter

With the built-in 3A fast charger. you only
need one cable and 5 hours fot full charge.

Safety MAX+

√ Reliable braking system
√ Conspicuous lighting
√ Reassuring water resistance

Reliable stopping
power with minimal

Front drum brake and rear electronic brake.
double security protection.

Be seen at night,
stay safe on the road

2.1W front light illuminates the path ahead of
you. Tail light enhancing night visibility, helps
you enjoy your ride in days and nights.

Worry no more about the
little raindrops

Full body IPX5 level water resistance, no more
worries about the wet weather and you can handle
your ride in steady, light rain and puddles.

Security is guaranteed
since the first second
out of the box

A standard add-on password lock is included with
the package. The high-quality 5-digit password lock
ensures the safety of your kickscooter.

Smart MAX+

√ 3 riding modes
√ Smart APP
√ Energy recovery

Ride far or ride fast,
it's your call

Easily switch amond the three riding modes,
Eco,Drive,and Sports, by double clicking the
power button to meet different riding needs.

Take fill control of your
scooter with Smart APP

Connected with the Segway-Ninebot app via Bluetooth to record your riding
status and statistics; easily adjust the charging scheme, switch on and off the
cruise mode control, and alter the sensitivity of the e-brake.

Ride even further with
the energy recovery

The energy recovery system will automatically
gather the energy of braking. and convert it back
into the battery. hence improving the already long
range of Max 2 (G65).
The level of energy recovery can be adjusted
through the Segway-Ninebot App.