Xiaomi Electric Kettle 2 (International Version)

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  • 1.7L high capacity
  • Integrated vertical handle
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Dual-layer heat insulation
  • 4 electricity safety solutions

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XiaoMI Electric Kettle 2

A pot of good water can warm your heart

1.7L high capacity

Integrated vertical handle

100% BPA-free

Dual-layer heat insulation

4 electricity safety solutions

Upgraded capacity
of 1.7L, make more hot
drinks without reflling

Capable of boiling 8 cups of water* in one goenough for the whole family's needs

Upgraded look
Open handle design,
convenient and effortless

The vertical open handle shortens the distancebetween putting the kettle down and pressing theswitch, optimising the movement and makingoperation more convenient, greatly enhancing theexperience of use. The rounded handle provides acomfortable grip and makes pouring more effortless.

1800W high power output, saves 2 minutes with
every boil

Xiaomi Electric Kettle 2 incorporates a 1800W heating base plate, for quicker boiling and shorter waiting

* At a room temperature of 24'C, the time from calm to boiling of 1800W and 1500W kettles, that each filled with water of1.7L, was recorded as 5.5mins and 7.5mins respectively the 1800W kettle saves 2 minutes compared with the 1500W.

Upgraded thickened aluminiumheating plate
Even heating, full boiling

Thickened aluminium heating plate, for more uniform heat
distribution, a full boil and safe drinking water.

A pot of good water can warm your heart

All your worries, all at ease

4 electric safety protection, for
security and peace of mind

Xiaomi Electric Kettle 2's thoughtful 4 electric safety protectiorsafequard you and your family's drinking water health.

Food-grade interior
For healthy hot water

The interior surface is made of food-grade 304 stainlesssteel, free from BPA or any other harmful chemicals, has aone-piece structure free from screws and solder jointsResistance to rust and oxidation, so you can boil and drinkwater with peace of mind.

One-piece seamless body
Easy to clean, hassle-free

One-piece liner with no joints or strainer at the spoutleaving no limescale stains and with a large diameterdesign for easier cleaning.

Double-layered heat
protection body

The inner and outer dual-layer structure incorporates anintermediate insulation layer that effectively insulates the hotwater inside the pot, preventing accidental burns.

Water lid design
Condensed droplets collected
without splashing

When the lid is open, condensed water droplets formed by steamcontacting the lid fall back into the kettle along the curved surface.preventing hot water from splashing when the lid is opened.

Two-stage damping lid design
Wide opening angle for easy

When the button is pressed, the lid opens automatically tohalf-way, preventing water droplets accumulated on the lidfrom splashing and scalding you; press again to open the lidmanually, providing unrestricted pot access for more effectivecleaning and filling.

High build quality, exquisite attention to detail