Daxys eBike Lynx Lizard Battery 36V 12.5Ah

  • Offers 150% power for longer range
  • Compatible with Daxys Lynx and Lizard
  • Easy Installation, swap in and out
  • Convenient handle
  • Double safety device
  • Real-time display of power

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About The Brand:

The Triple Eight Brand was established in early 2021 by the team at Panmi. Panmi has always looked to take on brands with a strong focus on innovation and fulfilling the needs of the Australian public and Triple Eight follows along this path. There were increasing occurences where Panmi had found innovative products that would suit the Australian market but no appropriate brand to align with. This is where Triple Eight was born. The Triple Eight brand allows Panmi to source and customise its own products with a greater control over the final product and the overall customer experience. We are proud to bring to you the Triple Eight brand and look forward to having you join us as we explore innovation.

  1. Press the panel for 3 seconds until the blue light is on.

  2. The same finger was collected 5 times and collected from different directions.

  3. The blue light is on, setting successful.

  3. The red light is on, setting failed.

  4. Fingerprints were collected 5 times successfully. When the blue light on with a long beep the adminstartor account setting Is successful.