Daxys eBike Water Bottle and Holder

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‣ 33.5g high Quality, Lightweight Aluminium
‣ Easy to remove
‣ Great Design

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Daxys eBike Water Bottle and Holder

eBike Water Bottle
and Holder

About The Brand: 

Daxys was established in 2022 during an exciting phase in the
growth and development of electric mobility in Australia and New
Zealand. Daxys has a mantra of making electric mobility
achievable, accessible and affordable for everybody – whether you have no experience or you’re a seasoned EV enthusiast. Daxys is
here to help you every step of the way, from sourcing and
developing modern products, through to providing easy to follow
set-up and guidance material, all while backing everything up
with a solid warranty and support system to honour our customers
and supporters.

About The Brand:

The Triple Eight Brand was established in early 2021 by the team at Panmi. Panmi has always looked to take on brands with a strong focus on innovation and fulfilling the needs of the Australian public and Triple Eight follows along this path. There were increasing occurences where Panmi had found innovative products that would suit the Australian market but no appropriate brand to align with. This is where Triple Eight was born. The Triple Eight brand allows Panmi to source and customise its own products with a greater control over the final product and the overall customer experience. We are proud to bring to you the Triple Eight brand and look forward to having you join us as we explore innovation.

Quick & Easy To Install

Quick & Easy To Install

Daxys eBike water bottle and holder
is easily mounted to any bike. It is
firmly clamped and does not fall.

Daxys eBike water bottle and holder
is easily mounted to any bike. It is
firmly clamped and does not fall.

High Quality Aluminium

33.5gm light weight and wear resistant 
for a long servic life.

750ml Capacity

Ensure adequate water supply on
the riding road.

Quick flow Nozzle

The soft plastic quick flow nozzle allows fast
hydration while being easy to operate with one hand when on the move

BPA Free and easy to Clean

Food-grade materials for safely drinking water.
Large diameter bottle opening and nozzle are easy to clean.




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